16/10/13 are chihuahuas even dogs?

since i went public, a lot of people have been uncouth enough to point out that i share my name with the dog that owns bipasha basu, who is a human who sometimes lives in the tv box.

the dog posto with his human bipasha basu

the dog posto with his human bipasha basu

while i respect bipasha basu because she understands that clothes are degrading and stupid, i would like to point out that i could eat her posto and shit him out whole, pardon my woof.

if any of you readers still feel confused between a labrador retriever and a chihuahua, and are wondering which is it you are petting at the moment, please pause and answer the following questions:

1. can it fit in your handbag? NOT A LAB

2. does it look like an overgrown rat? NOT A LAB

3. is it snapping at your finger?  NOT A LAB

4. is it acting like a goddam queen?  NOT A LAB

5. did it pee in your hands?  NOT A LAB. not a chihuahua either. come to think of it, you may be petting a rat.

there, that should clear it up.


2 thoughts on “16/10/13 are chihuahuas even dogs?

  1. You are so right Posto on what a Lab is not. I had one too, so I know. Well, he was half that and the other half was a cocker spaniel; but, he looked exactly like you – handsome and cuddly. By the way, you are a big boy now and large enough to give the “other” Posto an inferiority complex, so forget about the midgets around the world. You know you are the king, so strut your stuff! Woof till meet again!

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