20/10/13 if cats could talk

my she-human just finished a book called kafka on the shore. it looks like this:


register immediate distaste, dear human readers, for the smug looking cat on the cover. in my opinion, all books with cats on the cover should be banned to protect innocent humans from their feline guile.

to make matters worse, she-human tells me the book is about cats who can talk in human language. well, it’s about some other stuff as well, but i didn’t listen to those parts, so outraged was i at the idea of talking cats.

massive eye-roll at this example of human naivety. humans, if cats could talk, here is what they would say:

“hurr durr ima cat”

“bring food me human”

“human, why u no have six nipples?”

“goody must eat poop box”

stupid cathow could this murakami human write a whole book on the conversation of cats? maybe he is a bit special himself.


if anybody knows of any books about talking dogs, please recommended them to my human. she desperately needs a better taste in books.


One thought on “20/10/13 if cats could talk

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