21/10/13 fire monsters

imagine for a minute, reader, that you are me. after the toils of the day, you have just rested your head on your paws, and closed your eyes. the room is dark and cool, a friendly hand is slowly scratching your ears, your stomach is pleasantly full, your brain is, for once, un-curious about everything, you are shutting down, when suddenly, outside your window, the hiss of a thousand snake-beasts dripping venom! you leap to attention desperately shaking off sleep and seeking coherence, when you spot it, a menacing, terrible fire-monster!

anar i really had no clue how i, a lone warrior dog, would fight off this hulking, evil entity, but i could not run and leave my poor sleeping humans behind. i started barking to raise the dead, and almost instantly, the monster vanished. with increased confidence, i started barking in the humans’ faces, telling them we need to get out now, or find some way to stop the demon before it returns.

he-human just swatted the air, grunted, and rolled over. she-human fortunately took me more seriously. just as the fire monster made another appearance, she shut the window and sat hugging me. i could tell she was terrified, and in shock, so i stayed with her. i decided the best strategy would be to lay low and hope the monster doesn’t notice us. sure enough, the monster hissed at our window a few more times and then left.

in all this excitement, i lost my dinner on the bedroom rug, and my peace of mind was shot to particles. i didn’t sleep a wink.




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