26/10/2013 my cheating human

she-human is two-timing me!

she thought i wouldn’t be able to tell, but it’s not possible to cheat mr. supernose. she came home almost at midnight reeking of the smell of whiskey and a boxer. a male boxer. at least three years old. overfed. definitely neutered. he had had fish-meat for dinner. and by the way he had left his stench all over her, the male child of a she dog had spent at least an hour with his head in her lap, getting his ears scratched.

would you trust your she-human with this dog?

would you trust your she-human with this cretin?

imagine my hurt, dear reader, imagine my humiliation. it is bad enough that the he-human comes home stinking of mongrels every other day, but i know he is weak of character and forgive him. but the she human! with a fat hideous boxer? that can barely call himself a dog? that doesn’t even have balls? when she has someone as beautiful and awesome as a labrador retriever at home? how could she?

she had the good grace to look ashamed, at least. she mumbled something about being bored at a party and having nobody to talk to except the damn boxer. but is that excuse enough to be unfaithful?

i shall be plotting my revenge. i promise you.


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