5/11/2013 the alpha upstairs

a very strange human lives upstairs. she never raises her voice or gets excited. she never bends down to pet me or any of the other humans. she is bald due to something called ke-mo-therpy (?). despite being furless she is never without a smile on her face. really, gentle as a sleepy squirrel.

which just goes to show you should never trust human appearances. i have no way of being certain, but i’m pretty sure she is the alpha in the pack. the other humans pretty much whimper when she is around, and if they had tails they would tuck them between their legs. they keep their eyes lowered and their posture is nervous. if i’m a good reader of body language (trust me, i am), then this lady is their leader. she may or may not be also their mother, but that is irrelevant. what i need to know is that she is their alpha.

now, reader, understand my dilemma. on one hand, i’m sharing house-space with a bald, menacing alpha-human whom other humans are terrified of:

this. except the face fur. no face fur.

this. except the face fur. no face fur.

on the other hand, posto is a free dog. posto knows no leader, no master. posto is his own alpha.

dobby_is_a_free_elf_by_alisya-d61gvngi’ve decided to walk the middle path and be polite to her and obey her, just in case it turns out she has superpowers and can outrun me or bite me in half or something. but i will not humiliate myself by expressing eagerness to please. if push comes to shove, i’ll fight her for alpha status.

death before dishonour!


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