7/9/13 the sentinel

i’ve been observing him for some days. he sits right where the sun hits the water tank in front of my meshed porch. he moves as the sun moves.

you’d think he was dozing, but i can tell otherwise. he never shuts both eyes at the same time. even when he has been sitting still for hours, i can tell he is awake, alert, one eye on the world.

i wonder what he thinks of as he sits there, the ugly old  horrorshow.

crowupdate: gave him a friendly bark to let him know he wasn’t unwelcome or anything. he cocked his head at me, as though taking my measure, and flew off.

update 2: he left me a present. he was smart enough to leave it just where the mesh has broken a bit. a small mouse that has been dead for two days at least. it smelled heavenly! will rub it all over fur and mouth after i’m through playing with it.

update 3: bath. dammit.



One thought on “7/9/13 the sentinel

  1. Why? Oh why,Posto would you want to rub yourself on that disgusting carcass. My Snoopy was just like you too! No wonder you had to take a bath!!

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