15/12/13 i’m back

hello all. sorry for being away without leave for ages, but she-human has been hogging the laptop most of the time. she is apparently working on a novel. she assures me the novel will have a dog in it. one who will be brave and noble and wise, and will guide his humans to take good decisions, and will vanquish at least one cat.

here are some stuff you missed out on in the last month:

1. i made a friend. my friend is kaaka, the crow i told you about here. will tell you more about him later.

2. i got a ear infection and it hurt something terrible, till he-human gave me a medicine. the medicine felt like a demon pissed in my ear, but it made the pain go away.

3. i have discovered that another labrador lives in the glass on the bedroom wall. the jackass is not as half as handsome as me and he has the audacity to imitate whatever i’m doing. made several attempts to bark him down but he just wouldn’t surrender. got no support from the humans on this either. they just took me away from the glass wall and tied me up. fortunately the glass-dog was also dragged away by his humans at the same time.

4. she-human’s parents came to visit. the old gent was rather nice and gave me a biskit, though the lady. was quite visibly terrified. here’s a photo they took of me:

awesome labrador

is all for now. will update again soon, dear fans.